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CONTRACT.doc MLS Listing Contract. Fill out this contract. Word 6.0

CONTRACT.docx MLS Listing Contract. Fill out this contract. Word 6.0

CONTRACT.docx MLS Listing Contract from Google docs. Downloand this doc and fill out this contract.

Orange County The Orange County Listing input form (pdf)

MRMLS Riverside/San Bernadino Listing input form (pdf)

San Diego 1 The San Diego Listing input forms (pdf)-

The following forms and disclosures are required to be given to the buyer when you have entered into escrow.

Disclosure forms can be obtained thru me when you have me represent you as the seller.

You may also buy these forms and the natural hazard disclosures from

Property ID

Agency Disclosure (AD-14)

Data Base Disclosure Regarding Registered Sex Offenders (DBD-11 Megan's Law)

Homeowner's Guide to Earthquake Safety & Environmental Hazards booklet

Lead Based Paint & Lead-Based Paint Hazards Disclosure (FLD-14)

Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement (NHD-11) - Ordered thru a title company

Real estate Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS-14)

Residential Earthquake Hazards Report

Seller's Affidavit of Nonforeign Status (AS-14)

Smoke Detector & Water Heater Statement of Compliance (SDC-14)

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